A one-of-a-kind research backed breakthrough program for coaches, experts and entrepreneurs who want to increase 30-90% more sales from talks, 1-1 sales conversations, presentations, webinars, challenges, live events and podcast interviews in 2024.

Thursday, February 29 & Friday, March 1

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If you’re serious about stepping onto a BIGGER STAGE and:

🎤  Speaking at larger conferences & virtual events 

🎧  Appearing on top podcasts

💵  Being paid to speak 

📘  Recording an audiobook that attracts clients and sales

📳  Hosting a high converting podcast

❗ Selling from the stage

💰  & making six to seven figures speaking in 2024

You KNOW you’re made for more but sometimes:


You secretly wonder if you’re worthy of top stages and top income


Or worry no one wants to hear what you have to say


You don’t feel confident pitching yourself to top events, shows and influencers


You think it’s about working harder or doing more (when this has been proven not to get you to the next level)


You feel hesitant about hosting more events and putting more offers out into the world because of past disappointments


You do a fantastic presentation with amazing content and still do not make the income and attract the # of new clients to engage with and invest with you that you desire.


The majority of speaking programs focus on presentation style and talk frameworks which are important but what does NOT get taught is what research shows is blocking you from somewhere between 30-90% of sales and revenue.

Through our years of research, coaching and experience speaking in the field is WHAT YOU REALLY NEED- to identify and remove subconscious blocks, voice masks and limiting beliefs & then MATCH your internal greatness with PROVEN frameworks, world class content, irresistible pitches and high converting strategies. 

That’s what we’re bringing you here for the first time. This is the ONLY speaking program that combines both the subconscious work with world class speaking content, presentation and high converting strategies. 


We’ve spent the past thirty years combined developing proven methods and the antidote to these challenges and for the first time ever are joining forces so YOU can make the impact, revenue, and create the success you deserve through speaking this year.

In this dynamic training, you will:

🔥  Eradicate fear of pitching and speaking

🔥  Claim your NEXT LEVEL speaking vision for 2024

🔥  Learn the signature High Converting Signature Talk Framework that has created multi-millions for coaches, experts and entrepreneurs 

🔥  Access the 6 step pitch that will put you in the top 1% of speakers applying for conferences, podcasts and the media

🔥  Know exactly what to do to be seen as a top speaker (speaking assets, reels etc, social media profiles)

🔥  Learn the secret mistake that’s keeping 90% of experts leaving income “on the table” when they speak and how to INCREASE 30-90% more sales to your talks, 1-1 sales conversations, presentations, webinars, challenges, live events and podcast interviews.

🔥  Be so mesmerizing and captivating speaking offers come to you! 

🔥  Create a roadmap to implement exponential visibility as a thought leader, author, executive 

🔥  Finally be able to show up effortlessly, without fear and know you can command any stage

If you are a…

Coach, Entrepreneur, Course Creator, Influencer, Author, Podcast Host, Executive

Or want to use speaking to be and do any of these things at your next level, this workshop is designed FOR YOU. 

Your Master Coaches

This event will be led by bestselling author and founder of Thought Leader Academy Sara Connell and Tracy Goodwin founder of The Psychology of the Voice™ and Captivate the Room™.

Between them, Tracy and Sara have over 50 years of experience in the field, have appeared on every major network & appeared on Oprah, the List, the New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, TEDx, presented at Fortune 1000 companies like United Airlines, GE, Estee-Lauder, Boeing, shared stages with and/or coached Marianne Williamson, Supreme Court Justices, James Wedmore, Selena Soo, Farrah Brit (Selling Beverly Hills) Adam Rodriquez (CSI Miami), Michael Arden Tony award winning director, Jackson Rathbone (Twilight), Women Lead Change Organization, and other top industry leaders to mom’s starting out a new business venture.

They have each made over $1Million speaking and have taught thousands of coaches, experts and entrepreneurs how to increase impact, income and build a LEGACY through speaking and are EXCITED to bring this work to you together for the very first time!

WHAT: $1M Talk Intensive

WHEN: Thursday, February 29 & Friday, March 1

WHERE: Online via Zoom

PRICE: Full investment $5,000. Special for you only -registration  $997.

Thousands Of Lives Changed

Here Are Just A Few Of Their Stories:

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