Bestseller Status: The Journey, Not Just the Destination

When you think “bestselling author” what images come to mind? . A  humble yet brilliant author photo, rave reviews in the New York Times, book awards, and guest appearances on NPR and Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. But before any author joins that illustrious circle, there is journey, a transformation of identity, skill and expression.  As is true in life, book writing is about the journey, as much as the destination.

Embarking on the Journey

Start with vision. Visualization, future pacing and starting with the end in mind will accelerate your progress and increase your success. 

Imagine signing books, engaging with readers, delivering a riveting talk at a literary event, or being interviewed about your book on your favorite shows. These imagined experiences and achievements are significant parts of the author’s identity. Identity drives behaviour and visualizing success will keep you motivated and putting words on the page. Even better, neuroscience research has shown that authors (and athletes, musicians, top performers in any field) who make visualization part of the training and creative process reach peak performance and often become best in their industry. If you see it, you’ll achieve it. 

Navigating the Process

The writing journey can often feel like navigating through uncharted territory. It can be isolating, confusing, and filled with challenges like writer’s block, self-doubt, and procrastination. However, after coaching writers and being one myself for twenty years, I’ve seen that every fear, resistance and obstacle can be overcome through mentorship, community and accountability. 

When you surround yourself with positive, committed people who share your goal of contribution, published writing and thought leadership, you’ll be inspired to continue. Seeing others’ success will stretch you to go further than you would solo. A mentor who believes in you will hold you up if you have a hard day or get off track. 

Using tracking app or visual structures such as writing a W on your calendar every day you write or joining a class or workshop to keep you accountable can make the difference between you giving up on your book or holding that bestseller in your hand.  

Getting professional guidance on your book as you write is invaluable. For ten years, I aspired to be a published author, but it was only when I hired my first editor that my goal became a reality. In our ‘Best-Selling Book Intensive‘ we help writers make three months worth of progress on their books in three days through offering professional editing, mentorship on the big picture and a clear path to publication. 

The destination of the writer’s journey goes beyond achieving bestseller status. It encompasses personal growth, transformation, and the profound impact you have on readers. One of my clients was shamed by a teacher in second grade and believed she could never write a book. Last year we held hands in the middle of Times Square in New York City as we watched her now international bestselling award winning book light up a twenty foot billboard. A intrigued crowd gathered asking, “who wrote that?” I pointed to her as people cheered and asked for her autograph. Getting to besteller was not emotionally easy. She had to let go of old shame and fear she’d carried for decades. She had to write through internal voices that told her she wasn’t good enough every time her fingers hit the keys. She had to make the time to write even though she was parenting two children, even though people close to her didn’t express the support she wanted, even though she didn’t believe she’d ever get to the finish line.

The woman standing in Times Square was an elevated, upleveled version of the woman I’d met two years earlier. In actuality, she hadn’t become a new person, she’d actually come home to the creative, brilliant woman she’d always been. 

Being a bestseller is about being your best self.

Embrace it, relish it, and use it to empower others.

As writers, we embark on a path of self-discovery, honing our craft, and embracing our unique voice. We serve as catalysts for inspiration, education, and upliftment, making a positive difference in the lives of others. The journey itself is rich with opportunities, connections, and fulfillment.

Embrace the destination of your writing journey. Every step you take, every word you write, brings you closer to the fulfillment of your goals. As you serve others through your writing, you create abundance in your own life.

Are you ready to take the next step in your literary journey and become the next bestselling author?