From Manuscript to Bookshelf: How to Get Your Book Published

Welcome to the exciting journey of turning your manuscript into a published book! I’m so excited you’re here! Books have the power to change lives and shape our world. As a bestselling author, coach, and TEDx speaker, I understand the passion and dedication it takes to bring a book into the world. I also know that if you’re reading this you know you have a book in you and I want to make sure you fulfill your vision and step into the thrilling world of being a published author. In this blog post, I will guide you through the essential steps, insider tips, and some industry secrets to help you navigate the publishing process with confidence. Whether you dream of becoming a bestseller or sharing your story with a wider audience, this is your roadmap to success.

Choosing a Bestselling Book Idea

There’s a saying that goes, “passion in the writer = passion in the reader.” When you start with your passion and combine the fire with your expertise, you set your reader up for a high value and inspiring experience. To hone in on your bestselling idea, ask yourself if YOU wanted to write this book and eliminate any “shoulds” (books that others have told you to write yet you don’t feel excited by the idea.) Then list your personal and professional lived experiences that have made you an expert. Have you healed yourself of a condition, lived abroad, helped your child get into her dream college, helped hundreds of clients start a successful business, or navigated the corporate world from associate to the C-Suite? 

Choose a topic that  truly lights a fire within you on which you have wisdom to share. When you start with passion + expertise, you set the reader up for a remarkable journey that will  make reading your book a transformational experience.


Solving Problems and Fulfilling Dreams

The status of “bestseller” is determined by the number of copies sold. To have readers devouring your book and posting about it from every platform, and having media producers booking you on their shows, focus on helping to solve your reader’s challenges or achieve a goal or dream. By doing this, your book has the power to be a lighthouse in their dark moments, and a guide to summit their next mountain. 

When crafting your book, consider the problems or obstacles your ideal reader or client may face. Dive deep into their world and understand their pain points, desires, and aspirations.

You don’t need to tackle grandiose issues or provide all-encompassing solutions. Even small, meaningful transformations can have a profound impact on your readers’ lives. Think of James Clear’s Atomic Habits or Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages. Atomic Habits doesn’t solve someone’s entire organizational life problems and Gary Chapman doesn’t give the reader every single way to improve relationships. Both books create big wins for the reader and implementing the solutions presented makes profound changes in their lives. 

By empowering them to overcome hurdles and make progress, you establish yourself as a trusted authority and build a raving fans. Your book becomes a catalyst for change and a source of inspiration, gaining momentum and fueling its success.


Making Your Book Irresistible

In order for readers to rush to buy your book when it launches and for podcasts and tv producers to book you on their shows, it’s crucial to identify what makes your content relevant and urgent in the present moment.

In the media, this is called “finding the hook.” To discover the relevancy hook for your book, immerse yourself in the world of your potential readers. Engage with social media platforms, delve into comment sections, and pay attention to what people are discussing and asking. Scroll through news headlines and analyze current trends. This exploration helps you uncover the pressing issues, desires, and challenges that are on people’s minds.

Even if your book covers a timeless topic such as fitness or entrepreneurship, you can find a relevant angle that speaks to the current moment. For instance, if you are a health expert, during times of uncertainty like the COVID-19 pandemic, you might write a book on surprising ways to boost your immune system or inoculating your home from toxins. Health is always important, but the desire by readers to protect their bodies and families during a global pandemic will be at a crescendo height. 

If you want to supercharge your book’s irresistibility, give a unique name to your method,  process, or idea. Think of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point”, Marie Kondo’s discerning phrase “Spark Joy”, Mel Robbins’ “Five Second Rule”, or Tim Ferris’ “Four Hour Workweek.” In a single phrase or concept, you change the cultural conversation and establish yourself as an industry expert. Hosts will want to interview you, mom’s groups, work teams and communities will start to use your “catch phrase.” You’ll not only have a bestselling book, but you’ll become the leader of a movement. 


Setting Goals and Prioritizing Action

Once you have your bestselling book idea, it’s time to write. Many of my clients feel daunted by the idea of a “whole book!” I have felt that way, too! Instead of thinking “I have to write a 300-page book today,” try creating a timeline for your book, chunking the milestones down into smaller increments.

I teach our clients what I call the “magic equation.” Take the estimated number of pages you envision for your book. Then divide that number by the number of weeks you’d like to spend writing. Then divide that number by the number of days a week you plan to write and you’ll have a much smaller target- the number of pages per day.

Say you want to write a 200-page personal growth book.

You’d like to finish in 12 weeks, or 3 months.

You can realistically devote 4 days a week to writing.

Take 200, divided by 12, divide by 4 and you’ll get 4. That’s 4 pages of writing per day. For most of us, 4 feels a lot more doable than 200. Each day, you just focus on those four pages. I like to create a visual to track my progress. For our clients, we’ve created digital and worksheet pages where they color in a square every time they complete a writing session. When your brain sees the progress you’re making, you’ll feel the positive feelings produced by dopamine and other happiness hormones. You’ll want to fill in those sections. You’ll want to go all the way.

Try out the magic equation on your book and see if it brings relief!

You can add even more motivation by creating a mock cover for your book and wrapping it around a current book from your bookshelf. Put your book on your desk so you see the finished vision as you put words on the screen. In the Buddhist tradition this is called “thinking from the end.” The more you see that symbol of your finished book, the more your brain will think it’s a done deal. Your subconscious mind will start nudging you to keep writing and you’ll draw opportunities and support to you just from this one technique.

Navigating Obstacles and Seeking Support

The path to getting your book published may not always be smooth. You may encounter obstacles, doubts, or moments of uncertainty. During these times, it’s essential to persevere and seek support. Connect with writing communities, join workshops, and learn from experienced authors who have walked a similar path. Research has shown that our success, achievements, even our money and health reflect the five people or groups with whom we spend the most time.

When I started as a writer, I didn’t know any published authors. I felt like “the only writer in Chicago.” Once I began taking workshops, classes, going to book launch events and conferences, and hired a writing coach, I found hundreds of amazing new friends and had hugely increased inspiration and accountability to keep writing. Connecting with mentors and other writers directly marks the moment when my path diverged from aspiring writer to published, bestselling author. 

Don’t do the journey solo! You can swap 10 years of wandering in the desert for one year to a published, bestselling book. I want you to have the fasttrack!

You now have a roadmap to travel from initial idea to published book. Keep writing with passion, connect with your readers, and share your unique voice with the world. Your book deserves to be embraced, and your story deserves to be heard!

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