The catalyst session is an in depth coaching experience that will assist you in identifying your writing goals, uncover what may have been blocking you from achieving them, gain clarity on powerful actions that will move you forward as a writer and determine if writing coaching is a right fit for you. Catalyst sessions are complementary.

Discover which coaching program is right for you.

Catalyst Sessions are complementary.


Do you have a book in you?

Have you always wanted to become a published author?

Do you feel called to change the world with your story?

This comprehensive, dynamic program will take you from idea to finished book. In 12 weeks* you will work one on one with a personal editor-coach and receive additional coaching in our group coaching program to make your book dream a reality. *You are welcome to do this program over 6 months if desired.

Are you ready to bring your message to the world in a bigger way and finally make the impact you are here to make?

​In Thought Leader Academy, women with a calling bring their missions to reality by becoming successful, published authors, in-demand speakers, while serving the world and creating financial freedom for themselves and others. ​