Katie Alexander spent the last 13 years building a prominent career in strategic planning and business development, but the most important job has been wife and mother to two beautiful girls, Ella and Meadow. She would define her life work as a mission to bring balance to home and work life while living for Jesus. She translated this passion into a heart felt book based on finding a way to set your soul free from the bondage of guilt over being a working mom.



This One’s For the Working Mama​ ​is a book intended to give you permission to live life in a way that sets your soul on fire. It is a shift from the self-care movement to one of soul-care. It is pages of honest truth that can help the working mama own her working role and drop the guilt and comparison for good. None of this is because the book tells you to, it’s because the truth of God’s word can set you free. This One’s For the Working Mama ​is freedom to be a Christian, working mom without feeling you owe your kids or the world and apology. It is freedom to live a fulfilling life and to find true and lasting satisfaction for your soul, freedom to stop comparing yourself to other mama’s and embrace your own chaotic, crazy and beautiful life. It is a collection of heart warming and relatable stories along with practical tips and applications rooted in Biblical truth that you can apply to your own work and life balance. Written by a full-time working Mom just struggling to be it all for everyone, this one is for you, the working mama!