TC (Tara) Maher is an author of women’s fiction. She’s an accomplished aviation insider, having a former career as an Inflight Services Instructor for a major airline as well as over a decade in the role as a flight attendant.

Maher attended the University of Colorado, Boulder where she excelled in advanced English courses while receiving her B.A. in Communication. Upon graduation, she embarked on her adult journey, spending a year abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she immersed herself in European culture, traveled western Europe extensively, and visited a plethora of centuries old bookstores.

Back in the U.S., her travel bug deeply seeded, Maher embraced the aviation industry that supported both her love for world travel and becoming a novelist. She lived in many U.S. cities–Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Tampa, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit and Chicago–aviation’s occupational hazard, while developing her writing career.

Her literary education consists of courses at both The Loft in Minneapolis as well as StoryStudio in Chicago. She is a current member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), the Off-Campus Writers Workshop (OCWW), the Chicago Writers Association (CWA) as well as a long-standing member of a multi-decade writer critique group.

Maher lives near Lake Michigan in the North Shore of Chicago with her pilot husband, two daughters and Sheepadoodle Saylor. She serves on multiple community boards and leads bi-yearly book drives for Bernie’s Book Bank of Chicago.



In Never Landing, Facing forty, flight attendant Savina Sullivan, should be flying high. Against odds, she’s crushed her childhood dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot and soon she’ll be driving the jet. But clouding her success, looms a reunion capable of unearthing her long-ago, clandestine betrayal. 

A long-honored tradition of celebrating milestone birthdays in the company of her high school best friends is only nine months away. And since their thirtieth gathering, mutual friend Lexi has died. But not before she wrote a final entry in a shared diary of secrets created in high school at the onset of the women’s friendship. No one knows what Lexi wrote into the diary before she passed, and Savina is fearful. Lexi knew secrets that the others don’t, secrets that if exposed, might result in changing the course of Savina’s future.

But she’s not the only one covertly at a crossroad. Best friend, Helen Chen Fox, lives in the lap of luxury, but at an undisclosed, high price. Paige Taylor, slammed with tragedies, silently gravitates toward addiction to cope. And Stacey Sterner, determined to defy age, tries to beat the clock by undergoing surgical manipulations and engaging in a dalliance of infidelity with her married doctor. 

As the months tumble by leading to their lake-house reunion, each woman must choose whether to divulge her innermost secrets, inviting vulnerability and an invasion of judgements, or whether to uphold façades, keeping their middle life failings from one another, leaving their secrets buried deep within.