The Write Your Book Program is right for you if:


  • You have a big message or story idea you’ve wanted to write for years.
  • You’ve envisioned yourself as a bestselling author.
  • You feel called to share with the world.
  • You want to write and publish a book but don’t know how. Or you’ve started but gotten stuck.
  • You want to inspire people around the world with your story.

What you will learn:


  • How to take an idea and turn it into a professional, published book.
  • How to become a successful, published author.
  • How to write a riveting story that inspires, educates, and transforms readers.

What the program includes:


  • 11 sessions with your personal editor-coach (includes a book outline and a professional edit of your entire book)
  • 2 x monthly group coaching sessions with Sara to support you, to break through any mental barriers, to overcome challenges, and to create success for your book
  • Lifetime access to our signature Write Your Book in 12 Weeks course—12 weekly lessons to make your writing riveting plus mindset coaching to support your success
  • Membership in our Bestselling Writers Facebook Club—you’ll join a wonderful, welcoming community of writers—make connections, develop accountability partnerships, receive interviews with publishing and writing experts, and have the opportunity to participate in writing challenges.

I used to dream of writing and publishing a children’s book. But I couldn’t get myself to even complete a first draft. With Sara’s coaching, I was able to finish my manuscript and successfully find a publisher! And now my children’s book, Be Big!, is launching April 6th! In addition to coaching me through taking my book from idea to publication, Sara has helped me successfully develop a career in writing, something I never thought was possible. Sara’s coaching has transformed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful I found her.

Katie Kizer

Author of Be Big!

Since working with Sara I have been able to stay on course with my writing and publishing goals. I have greater trust in my abilities to produce and deliver and it’s no surprise that within weeks of being in your care, I secured my first publishing deal! Thank you for being such a lighthouse in the field of writing and publishing. I hope all who feel lost in the sea of publishing, find their way to your friendly and helpful shores.

Maureen Muldoon

Author & Thought Leader

I’ve been thinking about writing a book for years. I finally started on my own last year, but I wrote sporadically and questioned myself. During Sara’s 21 Day Boot Camp, I began writing almost every day for hours. I’ve made more progress in 21 days than I did in a year on my own! I’ve taken more time for me and my goals and was able to put myself first during the Boot Camp, which has also been a personal struggle for me in the past. It’s a miracle.

Courtney Rioux