What Comes After A Bestseller: A Writer’s Journey Doesn’t End

What happens after you’ve reached that coveted status? Does your writing journey come to an end? Not at all! In fact, this is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of setting goals, overcoming obstacles, embracing new opportunities, and maximizing your potential as a writer beyond the bestseller label.


Set New Goals and Keep Moving Forward

Congratulations on achieving bestseller status! Now, it’s time to channel that success into fresh aspirations and maintain your momentum as a writer. In this journey, prioritizing and focusing on new goals will be the key to your continued success. So, let’s dive in and explore how you can set your sights on exciting new horizons.

Take a moment to reflect on what you want to accomplish next. Do you envision completing your next book, venturing into a different genre, or perhaps expanding your influence as a speaker? It’s essential to choose goals that truly resonate with your passion and align with your long-term vision for your writing career. These objectives should challenge you and motivate you to step out of your comfort zone, paving the way for personal growth.

To ensure that your goals are not just dreams, but actionable steps towards success, make them specific and measurable. Instead of vaguely aiming to finish your next book, set a concrete target like completing the first draft within a specific timeframe. If your ambition is to secure paid speaking opportunities, define the number of engagements you aim to land and craft a plan to actively pursue them.

Remember, by setting specific and clear goals that are closely tied to your newfound success, you establish a roadmap that will guide you toward continued growth and accomplishment. Stay motivated, stay focused, and keep reaching for the stars!

Bridging the Gap: Your Path to Next-Level Success

You’ve got big goals, and now it’s time to close the distance between where you are now and where you want to be. Let’s dive into the steps that will propel you towards your next great triumph. But first, remember that reaching new heights takes effort and strategic action. So, let’s identify the path and make it happen.

Seeking support from like-minded individuals can be a game-changer. Find yourself some accountability partners who share your ambitions and will hold you to your commitments. They’ll be there to cheer you on, keep you focused, and provide that extra push when you need it. Consider reaching out to a writing coach or mentor who has already achieved the success you’re aiming for. Their expertise and insights will be invaluable as you navigate the journey ahead.

You’ve got this! The distance between where you are now and your next level of success is within your reach. So, let’s bridge that gap, one step at a time, and watch your dreams unfold before your eyes.


Embrace the Power of Your Actions: Let the Process Guide You

Welcome to the world of the processional effect—an empowering mindset that will propel you towards success on your writing journey. This mindset is all about believing in the power of your actions and understanding that every step you take contributes to your growth and abundance as a writer. So, let’s dive in and explore how embracing the process can lead you to new heights.

We all have that burning desire for immediate results and instant gratification. But here’s the secret: shift your focus from the end goal to the actions you take along the way. By immersing yourself in the process, you’ll find joy in every step and fully engage in the present moment.

Not only does the processional effect benefit you personally, but it also enhances your creativity and productivity. When you shift your focus from outcomes to actions, you open yourself up to exploration, experimentation, and taking bold risks in your writing. This freedom gives rise to fresh ideas, innovative approaches, and unexpected breakthroughs.

To fully embrace the processional effect, trust yourself and your abilities as a writer. Believe in your skills, talents, and unique voice. Recognize that every step you take is an opportunity for growth and improvement. Nourish your mind with positive affirmations, surround yourself with uplifting influences, and celebrate every milestone along the way.

Track Your Actions and Stay Accountable

Let’s talk about the power of tracking your actions. It’s an absolute game-changer when it comes to maintaining momentum and staying focused on your writing goals. By keeping a record of your progress and celebrating milestones along the way, you’ll stay motivated and empowered on your journey to becoming a bestselling author. So, let’s dive in and explore how you can effectively track your actions.

First things first, identify the key metrics or activities that matter most to your writing goals. Maybe it’s the time you spend writing each day, the number of pitches you send to publishers, or the growth of your online presence. Choose the metrics that align with your objectives and make them an integral part of your tracking process.

But that’s not all—tracking your actions also gives you the opportunity to celebrate milestones along the way. Yes, big dreams are important, but let’s not forget about the smaller victories that occur throughout your journey. Completing a challenging chapter, receiving positive feedback from readers, or achieving a personal writing milestone—all of these are reasons to celebrate! By acknowledging these wins, you boost your motivation, confidence, and overall enjoyment of the writing process.

Stay Open to Surprises: Embrace the Unexpected for Your Writing Success

Here’s the deal: while having a clear vision of success is fantastic, it’s equally important to stay flexible and welcome unforeseen opportunities with open arms. You never know what hidden gems might be hiding just around the corner, ready to transform your writing career into something beyond your wildest imaginings.

First, actively seek out these game-changing surprises. Dive into your writing community headfirst! Attend conferences, join writing groups, and participate in networking events. By immersing yourself in this vibrant world, you increase your chances of stumbling upon unforeseen opportunities that could shape your writing destiny. Picture it: collaborations with fellow authors, invitations to contribute to exciting publications, or even chances to showcase your voice at prestigious events.

Remember, not every unexpected opportunity will be a perfect fit for you or your long-term goals. That’s where your discernment comes into play. Trust your instincts and evaluate each opportunity based on its alignment with your values, vision, and growth trajectory. Stay true to yourself and make informed decisions that resonate with your writing journey.

Reflect, Refocus, and Reach Your Writing Goals

Let’s take a moment to reflect on your journey and course correct towards success. It’s time to evaluate your progress, identify any roadblocks, and adjust your approach to keep that goal of becoming a bestselling author alive and thriving.

Reflection is the name of the game. Take a step back and objectively assess your writing voyage thus far. Look at the big picture. Celebrate your achievements, acknowledge the challenges you’ve faced, and consider the strategies you’ve employed. Now, it’s time to ask yourself some important questions:

What’s been working like a charm for me? Which actions or approaches have brought about positive results? Have there been any obstacles or challenges that have slowed me down? How have they impacted my progress? Have I achieved the goals I set for myself? If not, what factors might have contributed to that?

By honestly and objectively evaluating your progress, you’ll gain invaluable insights into where you currently stand and which areas may require a little extra TLC. This reflection process is an opportunity for personal growth and self-awareness as a writer. Embrace it!

Once you’ve pinpointed the areas for improvement or challenges that need tackling, it’s time to course-correct like a pro. Here’s your roadmap:

Analyze the obstacles: Break down those challenges and get to the root causes. Is it a time management issue? Are you struggling with a specific writing technique? Understanding the underlying issues will pave the way for effective solutions.

Seek solutions: Armed with a clear understanding of the obstacles, brainstorm potential strategies or seek guidance from mentors, writing coaches, or workshops. Don’t be shy about investing in your growth and seeking out new knowledge and techniques.

Becoming a bestseller is a remarkable achievement, but it’s only the beginning of an extraordinary writing journey. By prioritizing your goals, embracing new opportunities, tracking your progress, and staying open to surprises, you can navigate the path beyond bestseller status with confidence and purpose. Trust the process, celebrate your achievements, and continue to unleash your potential as a writer. Your next great success awaits, and the possibilities are limitless!

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