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The show that helps audiences break through to their next level of success from the inside out.

While many shows highlight the wide swinging rags to riches stories and leaders, The Rise breaks down the precise strategies and mindset shifts favorite thought leaders took to their key milestones on the way to their summit.

Solo episodes focus on the latest neuroscience and metaphysical strategies to help listeners release limitations, imposter syndrome and move through external challenges.

Interview episodes feature inspiring profiles, interviews and case studies of diverse and beloved authors and leaders. 

Listeners are empowered to take big leaps, implement action steps and smash their personal glass ceilings as they RISE.

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Sara Connell has a growing 30K+ audience and is a 5X bestselling author and the founder of Thought Leader Academy. She helps coaches, experts & entrepreneurs breakout as industry leaders by becoming bestselling authors and speakers. She’s been featured on Oprah, The New York Times Good Morning America, Forbes, Entrepreneur, FOX, TODAY & TEDx.

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