Alexandra J. Kuisis


Alexandra J. Kuisis

It’s such a pleasure to meet you – I’m Alex Kuisis, a professional organizer, best-selling author, and certified Health, Life, and Mindset Coach.

I empower soul-centered human beings to prioritize their self-awareness, self-worth, and self-care so they can confidently rise to any occasion with grace, grit, and gratitude.


Truth Matters, Love Wins: a memoir of choosing faith over fear in the face of false accusations

Alex Kuisis was a happily married early-childhood-educator-turned-event-planner-turned-health coach, living what she considered to be a beautiful and fulfilling life in Denver, Colorado when the doorbell rang on September 1, 2016. It was the police, there to arrest her for seven felony crimes that she did not commit.She quickly realized that when someone we deeply love turns around and causes us heart-shattering pain and suffering, it can traumatize us to the very core of our soul. Fortunately, she also learned that our hardships do not define us. The way we choose to rise in their aftermath does.””Truth Matters, Love Wins”” is an astounding account of fighting false accusations in a slanted criminal justice system, but it goes far beyond that. This brave memoir also serves as an uplifting testament to choosing integrity and personal introspection when responding to the staggering levels of heartache caused by damaging lies. Alex’s dedication to surviving her darkest hour by relying on faith, love, and her trust in all that is good about the world will captivate and inspire you.A must-read for anyone curious about how to exorcise the pain and anger that accompanies life’s most devastating curveballs, “Truth Matters, Love Wins” showcases the pure spiritual power of keeping love close when you know you have the truth on your side.