Sarah vie


Sarah Vie

Master Life Coach & Reiki Healer committed to aligning you mind, body and spirit. 


Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine: The little girl who never stopped believing in herself

In this new children’s book, Author Sarah Vie takes you on a journey guided by the light of her inner child that will help support your kids as they face life’s every day challenges.

Little Vie is an adventurous girl who is not afraid of a little dirt! In her adventures, she experiences all kinds of new like talent shows, a new little sibling, big scary storms and more. When things get tough on the outside, Little Vie chooses to dig deep inside herself to hear the “thump thump thump” of her heart so that her inner golden sparkle shines so bright!

It’s through this conscious connection to our inner light that Little Vie can overcome ANY obstacle with grace, and glittery rainboots – of course!

If you are raising mindful children with an attitude of gratitude, look no further than this soon to be best selling book written by a certified Reiki III Master and Transformational Life Coach & Mentor.

Let’s plant the seeds for resolving conflicts through self-exploration by taking a moment to pause and center ourselves. We remember and teach those around us that we have a golden sparkle that shines bright.

Parents, it’s time to upgrade the outdated “time-out” and “punishments” that raised us. Let’s create a new generation of kind and compassionate youth who grow up to save the planet with one small act of kindness at a time!