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For Coaches, Writers and Entrepreneurs

Become the leader you came here to be and make the impact you came here to make.

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The world needs you to stand up, speak out and BE KNOWN. We cannot wait another day for your story, your mission, the message only you can share. You are not only worthy and capable of your calling, you have a responsibility to share with the world because STORIES heal minds, transform our planet- TRANSFORM LIVES.

So no more hiding. No more playing small.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have the calling- that little (or big) nudge that says- THERE’S MORE FOR ME. But like me, you might have a voice that says, “who am I to write a book- to speak on a stage? To lead a movement.” We think we need permission, a sign. But after coaching women for over fifteen years THE CALLING IS THE SIGN.




Every author who has completed our program has finished AND published their book. Many have become Bestsellers.

100% those who have done our TEDx training have spoken at TEDx.



Thank you Sara for all your support with my writing and my book. Things are moving faster than I thought possible I have a publisher already – what? Me? Yay! I’m also writing articles like a crazy woman! All of this is possible because you said yes to me- to help me, teach me, support me, guide me. THANK YOU!


If you don’t see the book that you’re seeking on the bookshelves or on the pages of Amazon-

It’s because you’re the one to write it.

You know you have a book in you, that you’re destined to speak on stages, share on podcasts, make a huge impact but only a few people know your name?

Are you tired of seeing other people publish books, step out on stages and get known while you struggle to attract clients, make an impact, find the people you’re here to serve?

Do you become overwhelmed at the thought of starting a book, besieged by thoughts of who do you think you are, you’re not a trained writer, how would you even get published once you wrote it?

You have that feeling deep within you-that it’s time to make your voice heart- to write that book-to step on that stage-but then the voice in your head starts…

“I’m not a writer. Who do you think you are? Everyone around me is getting known, having success- no one knows my name. I’m not a celebrity- who would read my book? Book me on their show? There are already books and people out speaking on this topic. I feel overwhelmed, I don’t know HOW.”

sara connell writing
sara connell and oprah
sara connell and oprah

The struggle is real.

I get it.

I had every one of those fears- and more. But I kicked down the door of every one of these fears- and you will too.

You did not come here to be a tree falling silently in the forest. You came here to make an impact-to SHINE.

In Thought Leader Academy, you’ll finally know how to go from alone behind your computer to serving and inspiring all those you’re meant to serve!

I went from an unknown aspiring writer, fantasizing about publication, and barely able to make $20,000 per year as a coach to…

Book deal, Literary Agent, Oprah, Bestselling author, TEDx speaker, published in the New York Times and launching a multi- six figure a year coaching practice.

I believe in you!

I believe if you have the calling to write, to speak- to make that major difference on our planet- it’s because someone out there (likely many thousands of someones) NEED NEED YOUR MESSAGE, YOUR STORY– the one only you can share.

In just the past year, we’ve seen our country torn apart by social issues, politics and the greatest health crisis we’ve ever faced. There has never been a more important time for you to be the leader you came here to be.

LEADING is your destiny but few of us can take this journey alone. I KNEW my calling was to write, publish, speak but I kept getting stuck. I remained unknown, unpublished, watching others I knew make the impact I so longed to make.

My breakthrough to all the success I desired came when I availed myself of the right strategies, support and mentorship – the exact levels of support we’ve embedded into Thought Leader Academy.

The answer to your prayers!

sara connell

Thought Leader Academy is a 12-month program that will help you develop powerful thought leadership through published writing, speaking, build and lead an audience of raving fans and transform lives with your story.

As a result of this program you will:

  • Become a published, even bestselling author
  • Confidently share your message on stages, virtual events, podcasts, TEDx
  • Find and serve the community of people you are here to serve
  • Leverage and monetize your mission through Thought Leadership

For ten years I tried to write my memoir but I struggled with the structure of my story. After meeting Sara and hiring her as a writing coach, I finished my memoir in 10 weeks, got a literary agent and optioned the film rights to my story! I’ve made guest appearances on a dozen podcasts, several of them nationally ranked. The thing I am most proud of is The Unleashed Series, a group of workbooks I originally created for women in prison, but are now embraced by women everywhere, around the rallying cry of ‘Escape your prison!’ I will be featured in The Atlantic magazine next month. Sara’s coaching was the hinge to everything!


After wanting to be a writer for years, I wrote my first book, got it published and even won awards. Since coaching with Sara, I filled my dream of getting a literary agent and am now publishing my next two books.


After spending my entire life navigating disordered eating, body image, and the search for confidence in myself, my passion for teaching young women how to find ultimate joy and happiness was born into my book, To Kale And Back: Ditch The Rules And Learn To Thrive In Food, Fitness, And Life. The process of writing was made so enjoyable and simple with the help of Sara and my editor. I reached Amazon Best Seller in 3 different categories, including #1 new release the day of my launch. Working with Sara is one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Doing this work A LA CARTE is time consuming, and expensive.

I paid over $80,000 and it took me 10 years to do what we do in Thought Leader Academy. 

In 1 year, and for far less, you’ll have everything you need to write and launch your book, craft and give your Tedx talk and start or grow your movement. 


 Most programs will focus on editing a book, but not how to launch to a bestseller.


They leave it to you as the writer to build an audience or take your message onto the stage, to TEDx. They don’t show you how to bring your vision together with other products and programs in a way that creates huge impact and income for you and your family.

In TLA you will learn and develop mastery in all 5 pillars- allowing you to powerfully manifest your vision and impact for the rest of your career.

thought leader academy pillars
You choose the writing project that sets you on fire: i.e. book, articles, blog. With Sara and your personal writing coach/editor you move step-by-step from idea to publication so you become a published author and change lives with your story. We’ll show you how and where to publisher and when you’re ready to launch your book/project, we’ll teach you the exact strategies that have helped every client this year become as BESTSELLER the day of their launch.
Here you’ll craft a signature talk you can take to any stage, online platform, even TEDx. I’ll teach you my top strategies to inspire audiences and, where desired, use talks to attract and enroll ideal clients into your programs, online community, classes, workshops and to buy books. You’ll learn where to speak, how to pitch in a way that maximizes your YES’s, how to get paid to speak -our signature, proven strategies to leverage and monetize your speaking for maximum impact and income.

Learn and implement the most efficient, effective ways to build an engaged, passionate community and audience that is aligned with your message and is excited for your book and every new thing you put out. You’ll pick your ideal channels and breakout as a leader in email, social media and through strategic, aligned partnerships which in turn will allow you to create, build and expand your audience so you impact and inspire people around the world.


Here you’ll explore, create and deliver the workshops, retreats, coaching programs, online classes, masterclasses, workbooks, VIP days (whatever you desire)…that create further transformation for those you’re here to serve and abundance for you and your family. If you have a program/product already, I’ll coach you to increase your income by up-leveling your programs and getting them out to more people. If you are just beginning, you’ll choose one or more programs/products that lights you on fire and feels effortless and exactly how to attract and enroll the people you’re here to serve!


Throughout every step of the training, you’ll learn and embody the thought leader mindset paradigms and actions to consistently, effectively, and powerfully lead and grow your community on an ongoing basis. I’ll teach you bonus strategies and actions to take all elements of your platform to new levels. You’ll grow in confidence and power as you step more fully into the leader you came here to be.

Vision & Expansion + Focus & Excellence + Go Bigger-Faster + 10x Results

Thought Leader Academy is not for everyone. This vortex is for the leader ready to make a full commitment to living their highest vision- to doing whatever it takes to breakthrough limiting beliefs and bring her message into the world.

If that’s you, I want to hear from you.

I am now a 2x Bestselling author and just getting started. In Thought Leader Academy, during the pandemic, I’ve grown my online community exponentially and had over 1,300 people attend my Eclipsing Injustice Series this summer. I’ve even started getting paid for virtual speaking!


I had a dream of writing a book for years but in February I felt compelled to go for it. With Sara’s help, I wrote, published and hit #1 new release & Bestselling author on Amazon in 4 months – during the pandemic!!! I am now seekng out virtual retreats, have been featured in the media and receive emails from readers letting me know how my book impacted them!


How we get results

our signature system of 4 crucial components


Coach you to manifest your highest vision.


Walk you step by step through the writing of your book from idea to finished manuscript.


On demand, proven training modules and strategies on all aspects of Thought Leadership.


Stretch, inspiration and daily accountability.


today only


VIP STRATEGY SESSION:  To map your TLA course and set your biggest goals up for success. ($1,500)

SPEAK LIKE A PRO:  Our stellar course on finding, booking and ROCKING 100 Stages and Podcasts. ($2,000)

This course teaches you:

  • Where to find ideal speaking engagements and podcasts
  • How to position yourself as an irresistible presenter
  • How to leverage and monetize speaking and podcasts to make maximum impact and income

FALL RETREAT:  Our legendary Women Starting Movements 3-Day Retreat designed to bring you and your writing to the next level and create your next BIG BREAKTHROUGH in Thought Leadership. ($1,500)

$5000 Value


Sara Connell is a bestselling author and founder of Thought Leader Academy where she helps coaches, writers and entrepreneurs become successful, published authors and in-demand speakers.

She has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, The View, FOX Chicago, TEDx, The Today Show, and Katie Couric. Her writing has appeared in: The New York Times, Forbes, Good Housekeeping, and Parenting. She’s the author of five books and has been nominated for a national book award and ELLE magazine Book of the Year.


What do I get with Thought Leadership Academy?

Everything listed on this page. Details about specific dates and times of trainings can be provided by a member of our team. In addition to the transformational training, guest expert trainings, live coaching calls and our private Facebook group, only at this event you get some amazing bonuses plus a VIP ticket to our 2021 fall event!

What’s the difference between Thought Leader Academy and other book or speaking programs?

Thought Leader Academy is unique due to our 5-Step Thought Leader Framework that brings each step needed to establish and expand your presence as an industry leader happens all in one place. Before, I had to find and hire coaches, training and mentors separately for speaking, writing, publishing, leadership, business and marketing. I spent years and over $80,000 in trainings to do what we do in TLA for far less. The program also focuses strongly on mindset- on who you get to become by creating your book, stepping on that TEDx stage. The process saves you money,  transitions from one mentor and community to another and another, and an incredible amount of time.

Am I guaranteed results?

No. Your results will depend on the work, energy and action you bring to the program! Like in any venture, you are taking a risk to invest your time and money into a structure you believe will help you take your mission and message to new levels. Know that our entire team is passionate and dedicated to your fulfillment and success. And, I can tell you that everyone who has dedicated themselves to this program, has a published book, is empowered as a speaker and is creating income through the products/programs they created.

Can I get a refund?

No. I understand this could turn you off. Here’s why we don’t: this community is full of individuals who make commitments and follow through, even when the work is tough. When you sign up, you are choosing Thought Leadership Academy because you’re ready to fulfill your mission and play big. We know the structure and strategies create positive results for the individuals who put them into action.

Vision & Expansion + Focus & Excellence + Go Bigger-Faster + 10x Results