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May 28 – 31, 2024

12 pm – 1 pm ET each day

When you made your vision board this year, it seemed exciting. 

  • Increase visibility
  • Be seen and known as an expert in your field
  • Double, triple or 10X your revenue
  • Make 10X more impact

But when you actually sit down to make this all happen it can feel daunting.

HOW exactly are you going to do this??

What will REALLY move the needle and create that exponential growth and revenue?

In the past 5 years I’d had the gift of doubling my impact and revenue EVERY YEAR. 

There is one move I made that opened the doors to all the things-and that one thing was: publishing a bestselling book.

You may have thought about writing a book. You may have published a book and not gotten the results you hoped.

You may have put a few words on the page and then stalled with all those inner critic thoughts shouting as if through a loudspeaker in your mind:

Who am I to write a book?

What if I spend all this money and time to write and publish it, and no one reads it?

I’m not a professional writer, I’m overwhelmed just thinking about writing a book.

Even if I do publish, how do I get the book in front of thousands of new people?

How do I get a book to make money?

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I understand these concerns all too well. They’re why my first book took me 10 years to write! I made every mistake. 

But after I was able to write, publish and become a bestselling author- and monetize that mission- I made it my mission to ensure others with this calling would get to do it, too.

This mission has taken me to Oprah, The New York Times, Forbes, TODAY, The View, Elle magazine – SOOO many places I’d only dreamed of, and would have kept only dreaming of, if I had not received guidance and support to make the dream a reality.

I’ve now coached thousands of writers, experts, and coaches to publish their work and change lives around the globe- WAY FASTER!

I know all the shortcuts, and I want to prove to you that getting your bestselling book written and published doesn’t have to be as difficult or take anywhere as long as you may expect. In fact many of our clients write their book in less than 90 days, some in as little as six weeks. 

That’s why I’m personally inviting you to claim your seat for the online Bestselling Book Intensive!

In this powerful intensive, I’ll reveal the master tips, methods, and mindsets you need to:


Identify your first (or next) best-selling book idea


Craft an outline that makes cranking out your first draft a breeze


Overcome imposter syndrome and grow your confidence


Ensure your book is something the people you can best serve can’t wait to read


Monetize your book so you can be a prosperous author

If all that sounds great to you, simply click the button below to secure your seat in the online Bestselling Book Intensive!

The Bestselling Book Intensive happens LIVE and online, and while it includes the recordings for people who register, we find that people who attend live make the most progress.

AND you do have the option of SUPERCHARGING your results by securing a VIP seat for an additional $47, which ALSO gets you:


Live Coaching with me to get help and support with YOUR specific questions


Ongoing access to the Bootcamp recordings


Our 12-week self-guided course, How to Write Your Book In 12 Weeks

If you know you’re a VIP, simply choose that option at checkout!

Success Magnetizers

10x your impact & revenue

The Bestselling Book Intensive is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to start your first (or next) bestselling book- and leverage that book for 10X your impact and revenue!

If you want to ensure 2024 is the year you finish your bestseller, and exponentially grow your business, click the button below to secure your seat!

I can’t wait to help you silence that inner critic, get clear on your bestselling book idea, craft your outline, and take your first (or next) steps on the path to becoming a bestselling author!

May 28 – 31, 2024

12 pm – 1 pm ET each day

In the Bestselling Book Intensive, you’re getting the master tips, methods, and mindsets you need to:

  • Identify your first (or next) best-selling book idea
  • Craft an outline that makes cranking out your first draft a breeze
  • Overcome imposter syndrome and grow your confidence
  • Ensure your book is something the people you can best serve can’t wait to read
Book reading

This intensive is perfect for you if:

  • You want to be seen as an industry leader
  • You want a way to exponentially attract more clients and revenue
  • You know you have a book in you, but feel overwhelmed about how to write and publish it
  • You KNOW you are meant to make a bigger impact, but don’t know HOW
  • You’re plagued by self-doubt, fear, and worry you’re not good, smart, talented, disciplined (or something) enough to finish your book
  • You’re afraid no one will want to hear your story or read your book, and you’ll have wasted all that time and money finishing and publishing it
  • You’re worried about what family, colleagues, friends, critics will think of you once they read it

If even one of these resonates with you, please know you are not alone! I had every single one of these fears before I published my first book.

Since then I’ve written a full-length bestseller in just 30 days AND helped my Thought Leader Academy Clients FINISH and PUBLISH their bestselling books in as little as 3 months.

I know all the shortcuts, and I’d love to share them with YOU!

So if you want THIS to be the year you finally write and publish your bestselling book and turn your dream into your reality, join me for this exciting intensive!

Claim your seat and make real progress on your bestselling book, all while knowing you’re creating something other people will definitely want to read!

WHAT: Bestselling Book Intensive

WHEN: Tuesday – Friday, May 28 – 31, 2024, 12 – 1 pm ET each day

WHERE: Online via Zoom



Should I sign up if I’m already writing a book?

Yes! What you learn in this intensive will help you make your current book even better and leverage your book for more income and impact.

What about my other writing projects, like blogs and emails? Will the intensive help with those?

Yes, it will! Every piece of content you write has an ideal audience and a structure to follow. The methods, tips, and mindsets you get in this bootcamp can help you make any writing project better.

Will there be a replay if I just can’t make it work to come live?

A: We encourage live participation, since people who show up live are the most likely to take action, AND yes, register and you’ll get access to the recordings for a limited time. If you upgrade to VIP, you will receive ongoing access to the recordings!

sara connell


Sara Connell is a bestselling author and founder of Thought Leader Academy where she helps coaches, writers and entrepreneurs become successful, published authors and in-demand speakers. 

She has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, The View, FOX Chicago, TEDx, The Today Show, and Katie Couric. Her writing has appeared in: The New York Times, Forbes, Good Housekeeping, and Parenting. She’s the author of five books and has been nominated for a national book award and ELLE magazine Book of the Year.